The electric Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce is even more powerful than expected

Alfa Romeo has a nice surprise in store with its new sporty version of the Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica. While we already know that the 100 % electric version of this car offers 156 hp, we thought that the sporty version of the Alfa Romeo Junior would be equipped with a 240 hp electric motor. This power was already equivalent to that of the future Abarth 600e and Lancia Ypsilon HFother Stellantis sports cars. However, the Alfa Romeo goes one better by announcing an increase in power to 280 hp for the Junior Veloce.

An unexpected surge

A few days before the international press tests, the development of the Alfa Romeo Junior VELOCE, a version equipped with specific solutions "made by and for" Alfa Romeo, is nearing completion. This dynamic development was carried out by the same Italian team of engineers responsible for the creation of unique projects such as the 4C, 8C, Giulia & Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Giulia GTA, and the current development of the 33 Stradale.


The Alfa Romeo Junior VELOCE makes its road debut with a 100 % electric motor delivering 280 hp (207 kW) and 345 Nm of torque. This power is in line with that of the Giulia, Stelvio and Tonale PHEV models.

A few days before the dynamic presentation of the Alfa Romeo JuniorJournalists will have the opportunity to test this new compact sports car on the Balocco proving ground. Alfa Romeo's engineering team has finalized the dynamic development of the project, enabling the power of the electric motor to be increased to 280 bhp. The 100 % electric version of the Junior Veloce will be tested on the same tracks where Alfa Romeo engineers validated the design objectives.


The promise of Alfa Romeo sportiness

The steering of the Alfa Romeo Junior VELOCE has been specifically calibrated to make it the most direct (14.6) and precise in the segment. To enhance roadholding qualities, the suspension has been lowered by 25 mm; the front and rear anti-roll bars have been upgraded to guarantee rapid cornering with a high level of grip and stability. The braking system has been overhauled and now features 380 mm front discs with four-piston fixed monobloc calipers. Finally, the Torsen differential offers the best possible traction in all conditions. The 20″ high-performance tires are also specific to electric vehicles, offering the best compromise between grip and range.

A response to the competition?

This news is particularly interesting for those looking for a sporty electric car. The 156 hp Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica weighs in at 1,545 kg. The 280 hp Junior Veloce may be a little heavier due to a larger battery, but the power-to-weight ratio should remain interesting. This announcement also seems to be a response to the Volvo EX30, whose basic power rating is 272 hpThis model has been a runaway success, selling 11,000 units in May 2027 alone and 70,000 since its launch.



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  1. I'm interested in the Junior as a hybrid combustion engine, without PureTech. All you'd need is the Tonale's PHEV engine.
    That said, the 280hp electric version may offer interesting performance.

  2. They can put in 280, 300 or 350hp!
    The problem remains the design! You can find sketches on the net by designers who are much more relevant and closer to the brand's DNA! Riding in a 2008 in disguise, no interest as it is! 🙄

    • I agree with you: the design is a failure and far removed from the brand's DNA. The ugliest Alfa in a long time.

  3. I went to my Alfa Romeo dealership on Saturday for an invitation to see the new Junior. Very nice car, well finished. Beautiful appearance, magnificent seat, obviously it was a top-of-the-range car. On the other hand, it's unacceptable to have hard plastics on the doors, dashboard and console, despite a few pieces of Alcantara, stitched in red, which gives a nice effect. What's more, like my 280 hp rechargeable hybrid, there's no rear door handle. So if you've got a garment to hold on a hanger, it's not possible, not great. If they're going to save money on STELLANTIS handles, it's not so good either. I arrived a little early, around 3 p.m., and they'd planned a cocktail party for around 6 p.m., not even a glass of water offered, a small table for the evening. My wife owns a mini, and when we get invitations to mini BMW, it's got absolutely nothing to do with being in the very highest class. So I think Alfa Romeo has a lot of progress to make in the showroom. Still the same problem with Jeep Fiat Opel, here's some STELLANTIS, they won't be able to make Premium if they don't have proper showrooms. I'd like to see Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Lancia showrooms.

    • Stop the DS brand and repurpose the spaces for Alfa, Lancia and Maserati with a real Italian feel! 🇮🇹
      Passionate, qualified staff and after-sales service to match! 🙄
      It's a long shot! 😅
      We have to admit that the STELLANTIS nebula does nothing to promote these Italian brands!
      It's all bluster and bullshit! 🌬️🍃🪈

    • I suggest that this dealership take inspiration from the Neubauer dealership in Levallois, which invited its customers to a garden party at the Manoir de St Cloud, with vintage Alfa cars scattered around the grounds (from the Giulietta coupé of the 60s to the 4C and the SZ cabriolet), a magnificent retrospective, not to mention Italian and Spanish buffets (in homage to the chef of the Alfa Style Center??) as abundant as they were delicious, all before the revelation of Junior at around 21:00. It was a great moment, a credit to Alfa and to the dealership's customers!

      • I was there too. My judgment of the Junior has evolved, and the design is not bad when you see it in real life.

  4. Having attended a presentation of the Junior the day before yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the design: the front end is good, aggressive, and has nothing in common with a 2008 or a Citroën. The interior is good, except for the hard plastics. The overall impression is positive, whereas in the photo I wasn't at all thrilled. It remains to be seen what it will be like to drive, especially in the 280hp version.

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