Stellantis: record results in 2022

The Italian-French-American group recorded a second record year in terms of profits, with a net profit estimated at €16.8 billion in 2022. This is a increase of +26% compared to 2021.

- Some numbers:

Revenues up sharply (+181TP3Q over one year), to €179.6 billion.

Net profit up sharply (+261TP3Q year-on-year) to €16.8 billion.

- By continents:

In EuropeStellantis said that the increase in vehicle prices has offset the decrease in the number of vehicles sold on our continent (2.6 million units for all brands, or -8%). It should be noted that this decline affected all the group's brands. However, the group maintained its margins, with price increases but also models hybrids and electrics always sold at a high price in general.

In North AmericaStellantis progresses with 1.8 million units sold (+2%) and a turnover of 85 billion € (+23%), which is almost 50% of the total turnover.

The rest of the world is not to be neglected with a Sales up +34% in one year and an operating margin that doubled to €3.8 billion.

- Concerning the electrics :

The group has sold 288,000 electric vehicles by 2022 in the world, that is +41% over one year. It is close to the Tesla brand in Europe.

Thanks to these stratospheric results, including a net profit of €16.8 billion, Stellantis will distribute 4.2 billion in dividends to its shareholders and 2 billion will be paid to the 264,000 employees of the group worldwide (between 4300€ and 6190€ in France per employee!)

Finally, Stellantis expects the market to rebound in Europe and North America in 2023 (estimated at +5%)


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  1. According to challenges, 52530 alfa sold in 2022 against 53250 in 2021 so without tonal 🤔🤔🤔 it's not top anyway

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