Maserati: first dealerships close in France

Photo Niko Villaume courtesy of Italpassion

In 2024, Maserati has seen a series of dealership closures in France, marking a difficult period for the Italian luxury brand. Three dealerships closed this year: Rennes, Menton and, more recently, Mulhouse. The latter closure was particularly keenly felt by brand enthusiasts and loyal customers.

The manager* of the Maserati Mulhouse dealership, shared an emotional statement at the announcement of the closure:


"It is with deep regret and great sadness that I inform you of the closure of the Maserati CarAvenue Mulhouse outlet, located at 21 Avenue de Suisse, 68110 ILLZACH, as of June 30, 2024."

Since its opening, the Maserati Mulhouse team had built up a strong relationship with its customers. The manager expressed his gratitude to them:

"Your trust and loyalty have been at the heart of our business, and we would like to express our deep gratitude for these years of shared collaboration and pleasure."

The decision to close this dealership was a difficult but necessary one, taken in agreement with the distributor CarAvenue and the manufacturer Maserati. The team has acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the closure and apologized to customers. After this date, customers will be able to continue to benefit from Maserati services at the other sales outlets in the French network.


The closure comes against a backdrop of strategic transformation for Maserati, which has opted to move towards a range of electric vehicles. The manager explained:

"I can assure you that the brand is not finished. It has taken a bold direction by turning to an electric range."

The new Folgore models, with the Grecale, GranTurismo and GranCabrio, are the embodiment of this the transition to electric power, a strategy to stand out from the crowd and to meet increasingly stringent regulations. This approach marks a break with other brands that continue to offer combustion and plug-in hybrid models.


However, this transition is not without its challenges. The manager underlined the economic difficulties faced by dealerships in this context of energy transition:

"Today, unfortunately, it's complicated to find economic profitability between overtaxed combustion engines and timid demand for the 100 % electric."

He also mentioned that taxation in France made it difficult to maintain sales volumes. In his opinion, if Maserati had taken advantage of the tax break for plug-in hybrids, sales volumes would have been very different. Despite these challenges, demand for the new models exists, even if the associated costs remain a major obstacle.


Despite these closures, there are positive signs for the brand in France. New dealerships have been opened, such as Maserati Monaco in May 2023 and Maserati Toulouse in March 2024.

So, despite the closures, Maserati continues its transformation, hoping that its strategic choices will bear fruit in the long term.


*After contacting the editorial team, the dealership manager asked for his name to be removed.


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    • So let me reassure you right away: "France" that buys this kind of luxury car is not getting poorer, quite the contrary!

      • Mr .
        Do you even know the sales volume of these cars?
        Well, it's very low: 3,300 cars in 2023.
        So if I follow your absurd thinking, there are 3300 people capable of buying these cars.
        For your information, I just bought myself an aston martin for my 60th birthday, breaking my piggy bank.
        after years of hard work as a manual laborer, with no regard for my hours or the number of hours I worked.
        other people's wallets.
        Work a little harder and you might just have the pleasure of buying yourself a luxurious
        car without envying others.
        Sincerely .

  1. Between our privatized economy worthy of a Soviet state and our ecological dictatorship, our future: ride a bike!!!!

  2. Since the Biturbo I've only had Maseratis. I'm going to have to change brands. For the time being, I'm keeping my
    Quatroporte v8. The electric Niet!

  3. We don't want any of your Folgore pu*ains from m.....
    They're heading straight for a wall and they seem proud of it. Think again. They want to be like Porsche or Ferrari, but they can't compete. Porsche and Ferrari can afford to bring out electric 100% models because they have nothing to prove and have an ultra-rich range with excellent sales and results. This is far from being the case for Maserati...

  4. Too bad they didn't want to put a 1.2L Puretech in their cars. That's a shame.

    Nah, I'm just kidding, there's no room for these cars in today's eco-bobo-gaucho spirit.

  5. With Stellantis shares plummeting on the stock market, the whole group is in danger of disappearing.

  6. The Maserati after-sales service had a tendency to take people for c.....they should have thought a bit ...
    And the quality of Maseratis ....
    The interior of my 2008 Quattroporte (only 60000 km) ...... is in a state of disrepair ..... underbody corrosion
    Despite the fact that I take great care of it ......
    When she was only 5 years old, I was sent packing for her worries .....
    My Lancia Kappa is aging much better
    And yet I love this brand !!!!
    But times have changed !!!!
    Established manufacturers don't give a damn about the world !!!!
    Tesla has put a big kick in the anthill!!!!
    Too bad for them!

  7. I'm going to buy a gran turismo v8 for the beautiful engine sound.
    Don't be surprised if Maserati goes electric and sells more cars!

  8. Sad news indeed. I own a 2009 QP 4.7 and a Levante SQ4 430 whose interior and exterior styling represent Italian aristocratic refinement. If they discontinue the brand, I don't see where else I can turn. In the meantime, I'm looking to the past, perhaps a 3200 ...

  9. PERSO I attended in direct the closing of the dealer MASERATI of RENNES LA MÉZIÈRE My vehicle MASERATI QUATTROPORTE M 139 It was in maintenance and SAV that is always a delicate moment for this kind of situation I recovered it has The workshop at 11 H The last day and the doors of the GARAGE closed at 14 H said me their Head of Workshop The Mechanics were sad
    I wish them a safe return to work
    Too bad ...........

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