Maserati in difficulty: Tesla candidate for purchase

Update: this article was obviously an April Fool's joke! Some of the information below has been made up.

Here's an unexpected piece of information that will shake up the automotive world! Sources close to the matter reveal that Maserati could soon change hands. According to these reports, Tesla, the American giant of the electric car industry, is in advanced talks about a possible collaboration, or even a takeover, of the trident brand.


The news comes at a time when Maserati is going through a particularly difficult period. The year is 2023, the brand posted a modest profit of 6 %despite his efforts to reinventing itself as a manufacturer of luxury 100 % electric cars. This transition, intended to propel Maserati into a new era, has yet to bear fruit, as the brand's historic clientele remains skeptical about the absence of the characteristic roar of its engines.

The postponement of the launches of two eagerly-awaited models, the Quattroporte and Levante, to 2027 and 2028 respectively, has only served to reinforce the company's position as a leader in the market.adding to the uncertainty surrounding the company's future. Faced with this situation, rumors indicate that Maserati may be forced to choose between persevering with its transformation effort or allowing itself to be absorbed by a larger player.


This is where Tesla enters the game. undisputed leader in the electric vehicle sector, could use its technological expertise to transform Maserati into a symbol of electric luxury. With flagship models such as the Tesla Model S Plaid and the future Roadster promising stunning performance, Tesla could provide Maserati with the technology and innovation it needs to win over new customers.

"Imagine the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, past and future. That's what Tesla's acquisition of Maserati would represent," says a person close to the matter. "Maserati is an iconic brand with a history and heritage unmatched in the world of luxury automobiles. By integrating this tradition into Tesla's innovative ecosystem, we could create electric cars that not only respect the environment, but also captivate the imagination, while delivering unparalleled performance."


This person points out that Tesla's expertise in electric technology could revitalize the Maserati rangeby giving it a new impetus towards electrification, without sacrificing its soul. "We've proved with models like the Model S Plaid that electric cars can outperform the best thermal sports cars in terms of performance. By applying our technological know-how to Maserati's timeless designs, we could produce vehicles that combine aesthetic beauty with technical excellence."

Discussions between Maserati and Tesla remain confidential for the time being, and neither party has officially commented on this information.



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  1. Nobody wants an electric Maserati already, so a Maserati made by Tesla might as well herald the demise of Maserati.

  2. Unthinkable!
    Why doesn't STELLANTIS inject more money into Maserati?
    We need to find an investor (preferably Italian) to buy Maserati, Alfa and Lancia.

  3. Stellantis really is crap, crap engines, no reliability, no respect for customers, I can't understand how so many people can find these cars, in short we still have to get rid of my wife's DS3 and then no more cars from this group (to my great delight), Renault cars to live in, Peugeot cars to survive in, except that this is too much for us. No more stellantis.

  4. It's a shame it's April 1st, Maserati would be better off in Tesla's hands than in Peugeot's when we see the latter's procrastination in the latter's generalist top range.

  5. Stellantis should literally be bought out by Tesla, since Stellantis is in the process of sinking all the brands in its group, and the Stellantis group also includes Jeep, a US brand. And give up on puretech engines and even combustion engines, and make way for all-electric vehicles.

    • Except that Tesla and reliability are two things that don't go together.
      Poor quality, constant recalls, high maintenance costs, declining sales, Tesla is a lame duck.

  6. I'm telling you, we're going to reach a huge turning point in the history of the automobile, in a few years, even if we don't do much about it, it'll happen very quickly, we'll no longer have the choice, we'll be forced to move around in electric cars, in my opinion, enormous innovations and technologies in our next few years, even if the relentless climate transitions, which all or some of us are wondering about:

  7. Incredible amount of bullshit
    you can read in the comments. Stellantis, masterfully managed by Tavares, is making colossal profits this year and is not about to disappear.

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