Rumor: Ferrari may yet come to the rescue of the Maserati soldier

It's no secret that the brand Maserati is going through a difficult period. Sales have been declining for several years successive the margin is very lowThe Folgore models, according to our information, don't sell much. The few models are not expected for several years.. For several weeks now, rumors from Italy have been circulating about a possible rescue of Maserati by Ferrari. These are just rumors, but as they say, there's never smoke without fire.

Maserati's current situation

Maserati is going through a complicated period. The brand, once synonymous with luxury and performance, is struggling to maintain sales and profitability. The Folgore electric models, which were supposed to represent a new era for Maserati, have not met with the expected success. What's more, no new models are planned for several years, which doesn't help the situation.


It's certain that Stellantis, the group that owns Maserati, will eventually take over, is interested in a spin-off of the brand, similar to what was done with Ferrari in 2016. However, the condition was that Maserati achieves a margin of 20 %. Given the current situation, this spin-off could be more pressing. Reports are circulating that Maserati may not use the STLA Large platform and that no combustion engine worthy of the Trident brand is under development at Stellantis.

One possible scenario would be the creation of a new Maserati entity with Stellantis and Ferrari as shareholders. Maserati could then benefit from Ferrari technologies, such as the 296's V6 PHEV engine. However, this remains pure speculation for the time being.


A history of collaborations

It wouldn't be the first time that Ferrari has come to Maserati's rescue. The two brands have been closely linked in the past. The Trident brand was even under the wing of Ferrari from 1997 to 2005, both owned by Fiat. The Ferrari Enzo and the Maserati MC12 are emblematic examples. In addition, models such as the 4200, GranSport, Granturismo, Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante benefited from Ferrari engines, reinforcing Maserati's sporty and prestigious DNA. The end of this collaboration was announced in 2019, shortly before the birth of Stellantis.

No official comment

For now, Neither Ferrari nor Maserati would comment on these rumours.. However, it is undeniable that Maserati would have much to gain from such a collaboration. It would benefit from know-how and a stronger brand image. It remains to be seen whether this rumour will become reality, and whether Ferrari will once again come to the rescue of the Maserati soldier.



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  1. Why call on Ferrari when there's the "industrial power of Stellantis" (by which they mean ex-PSA), as the journalists say?

    A small, compact Maserati based on a 308, with a beige interior and blue paint job - that would do it!

    • There's a world of difference between stellantis and Ferrari. For your information, even in terms of market capitalization, Ferrari weighs more than Stellantis.

    • Nonsense! The former PSA group has never been able to produce a single prestige car or engine on a par with a Maserati, let alone a Ferrari!
      As for the current reliability of ex-PSA engines, the Pure-Tech is a perfect example!

  2. I had a Levante that I sold last year, because you're so badly received at dealerships and they make you change parts that you don't need, they're bandits, and in Italy the manufacturer doesn't give a damn.

  3. For me, MASERATI's problem is the cold interior design: dashboard and so on, all this needs to be reviewed.
    Look at the interior of the LAMBOUGUINI URUS it looks like an airplane or the interior of most FERRARI models.

  4. Stellantis doesn't understand luxury and sports cars. How could Stellantis understand what needs to be done for Maserati, but also for Alfa Romeo?
    Put PureTech everywhere and use the same chassis for all brands - that's what Stellantis, the low-end generalist automotive group, does.

    • that's exactly it. Stellantis/PSA want to be like Volkswagen, but Volkswagen know how to make top-of-the-range audi on specific chassis and with exclusive engines; not to mention Porsches. Stellantis only knows how to make 208s and 308s and derivatives; beyond that, it's beyond their capabilities: just look at the 508 or DS9... So Maserati is obviously a UFO for them...

      • Ja, wie ALLE grossen Hersteller im Brot-und-Butter-Segment.
        Volkswagen hat das tatsächlich geschafft, aber der Erfolgt basiert weniger auf Technik, sondern rein auf "Image" vergangener Tage.
        Und nur das fehlt den Ex-FCA/PSA-Produkten.
        Oder warum sollte OBJEKTIV betrachtet ein Audi xy besser sein als eine z.B. Giulia? Ist er mit dem Auge eines Ingenieur betrachtet bei weitem nicht...der Kunde kauft dennoch ersteres. Hat aber leider nicht wirklich was mit dem "technischen Können" der Hersteller zu tun.
        Da liegt das Problem.

  5. At the same time, if Maserati had been able to release its Alfieri as planned instead of Ferrari with the Roma, it might have changed things, given the latter's success...

  6. Aveva ragione Marchionne a volere il polo del lusso: Ferrari, Maserati e Alfa Romeo. Un polo senza eguali nel mondo.
    Non possono esistere ne confronti ne sinergie con Stellantis (Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, Fiat...) che sono per lo più city car di fascia media e medio-bassa.
    Ma stiamo scherzando?
    Via Maserati e Alfa da Stellantis.

  7. I have every confidence in Stellantis to save Maserati, which fiat was unable to do. Not every Italian brand can be saved in three years. Give them some time. All these negative comments from people who know nothing about management. If it weren't for PSA, Fiat would have filed for bankruptcy.

  8. You know nothing about cars! First you'll learn that the boss of Ferrari and Stellantis is called John Elkann and that he's the grandson of Agnelli, the heir to FIAT, an industrial empire.... Not limited to cars, with the slogan Air-Terre-Mer! So planes trains boats tractors trucks.... Peugeot is a minority shareholder in this group, so it's perfectly possible that Ferrari will come to Maserati's rescue! But FIAT has more than once bailed out the prancing horse brand... Note that Agnelli drove a Ferrari and Enzo a Fiat!!!!

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