New Fiat Pandina: here's what countries it will be sold in

The Fiat Panda has recently been renamed the Fiat Pandina.. Unveiled on February 29 at a press conference, Olivier François, CEO of FIATexpressed the deep affection Italians feel for this model. Pandina production, scheduled to last until at least 2027 at the Pomigliano d'Arco plant, promises an increase of 20 % to meet growing demand.


The new Pandina boasts a number of new features. It features state-of-the-art driver assistance systems (ADAS) and a fully digital instrument panel. On the design side, a new white-painted dashboard, seats adorned with the "Pandina" logo, and new color options, including Positano Yellow and two-tone combinations, enhance its appearance.


While the availability of this model outside Italy may have raised questions, a picture has come along to clarify the situation. Thanks to Luc, a faithful Italpassion reader, we now know that the Fiat Pandina will be sold in ten European countries Italy, France, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. This explains the forecast 20 % increase in sales.

Fiat's decision to offer the Pandina in these countries not only reflects the model's popularity, but also a distribution strategy attentive to the specific features of each market. While the internal combustion version of certain Fiat models is becoming rare in some countries, France, for example, favours electric versions. This move towards electric vehicles will be confirmed in July 2024, with the presentation of an all-electric Panda.


With availability in 10 countries, the new Fiat Pandina will continue to be enjoyed by an even wider public, at a price as competitive as ever.


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    • Now that's a really good idea.
      But we'd be on it a lot and Alexandre would cry because we'd come to Italpassion less often 🤣

  1. In my opinion, the 20% increase in sales is simply due to the dispatch of CKDs to Algeria, where Fiat has recently been granted a monopoly on the automotive market.

    • You really don't need to, because just last year it was the 25th best-selling car in Europe, with sales of around 125,000 units.

  2. I'm surprised that Greece isn't on this list, even though last year the Panda was the country's 8th best-selling car!

  3. Hello everyone for me I have the panda hybrid city cross the same a little the same model as pa pandina. It is very good to drive small city super to drive. Very satisfied, nothing to say.

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