Fiat 500 electric: simplification of the range and price increase

While since its launch in 2020, it was possible to choose between Action, Passion, Icon, Icon Plus, La Prima and recently RED, the Fiat 500 electric range is now drastically simplified with the disappearance of these finishes.

After Maserati seeks profitability before volumeAlfa Romeo, whose many options have disappeared from the configurator, we wondered what sauce we were going to be eaten with Fiat in the Stellantis group. Because yes, until now, since the FCA/PSA merger, Fiat is the only brand that had not yet been remodeled.


It is therefore with discretion that the Fiat range, and more precisely here the Fiat 500 electrichas been simplified. Goodbye to the multiple finishes, options offering combinations of customization. Choose between Fiat 500, 500 3+1 or 500 Cabriolet, then between the 500, RED or La Prima model, choose the engine power and some packs and you will have the price of your electric 500.

So this simplification is not necessarily a bad thing for the customer because it simplifies the configuration of the car. However there is above all theThe Stellantis Group's willingness to optimize manufacturing costs because less configuration possibilities are a direct productivity gain at the factory (like Alfa Romeo which lost many body colors, calipers, rims... and which is now profitable). It has been for a long time Tesla's strategy and more recently that of the MG brand... and it is clear that it works.


The little bad news, for the new customer: the price of the 500 electric has increased ! While it was possible to get an electric Fiat 500, excluding the ecological bonus, under 30,000 € with the Action, Passion, Icon finishes, the base price is now 30,400 €.

Previous Fiat 500 electric prices

La Prima35 300 €38 300 €37 300 €
Icon more31 900 €34 900 €33 900 €
Icon29 900 €33 300 €31 900 €
Passion27 900 €31 300 €29 900 €
Action24 900 €//

New Fiat 500 electric prices

La Prima34 000 €37 400 €36 000 €
RED30 400 €33 800 €/
Base30 400 €33 800 €32 400 €

You would think that the price of the RED or Prima would have been lowered in the process... except that it is the little 95 HP engine that was only available in the old Action trim that is now available for all models in the new configurator.


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