Petition for Alfa Romeo and/or Maserati to take part in the WEC!

The FIA WEC World Endurance Championship is on a roll!

After the return of Ferrari in this competition in 2023 with Ferrari 499P(and a magnificent and moving victory for car 51) is Lamborghini which in turn unveiled its SC63 to compete in 2024. Porsche, Alpine and BMW will also be there in 2024...


So when we learn that it's now Aston Martin to make a hypercar comeback in 2025an obvious question arises: but what do Alfa Romeo and Maserati ?

Alfa Romeo will retire from F1 at the end of 2023, and Maserati has recently entered Formula E, 6th in the championship, but who's watching? Even BMW, Audi and Mercedes have left the discipline...


So what is Stellantis waiting for to enter one of the two Italian brands in the WEC championship?

Need we remind you that both brands have a significant history in motorsport, whether in Formula 1 or other disciplines? That it's part of their DNA? We're allowed to dream a little...


Or we can try to make our voices heard, with the petition below! Spread the word in Facebook groups and elsewhere!


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  1. That's it.
    Hopefully one or the other in F1 and one or the other in endurance racing.
    If they put Peugeot in FE, they'll be fine, because no one cares.

      • Or we could put Alfa and Maserati in Endurance racing in 2 different categories (Hyper Cars and LMDH) and send Abarth and Lancia to play in Rally.
        Even Lancia has made its mark in F1 and endurance racing with fabulous results, and even Ferrari can thank them, because the D50 with which Ferrari won with Fangio in 1955 was no more and no less than a barely modified Lancia D50.

        • Ferrari will have taken money from Lancia and Alfa.
          When you see the results today, it would have been better if he had stayed with the parent company....
          But with a character like that, it was impossible 🤣.
          However, I can sometimes imagine what it would have been like.... to play as one...

  2. Alfa in F1 is quite normal, and Maserati in endurance racing would be logical... it's through competition that a brand progresses, and brand image also has commercial repercussions, so it seems to me a necessary investment.

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