Future Alfa Romeo Stelvio: here's what it might look like

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio will have a new look in 2025. The new generation of this model is eagerly awaited, and is due to make its appearance in the second half of next year. Indiscretions suggest that this new model will live up to the high expectations placed in it, thanks in particular to innovations in terms of design and performance.

The CEO ofAlfa RomeoAt the presentation of the new Junior, Jean Philippe Imparato and Carlos Tavares, head of the Stellantis Group, confirmed that development of the future Stelvio is well under way.


As the Junior inaugurated Alfa Romeo's new brand identity, youtuber Theottle created his interpretation of the future Stelvio, using a Grecale base.

As a reminder, barring political change, for the first time in Alfa Romeo's history, the Stelvio should be available exclusively in electric version. This model will be the first to use the STLA Large platform from Stellantis in Europe, as well as STLA Brain software.


Jean Philippe Imparato has also announced that a Quadrifoglio version could be launched, with almost a thousand horsepower under the hood, promising thrills for high-performance enthusiasts.

The future Stelvio will continue to be produced at the Stellantis plant in Cassino, which currently manufactures the current generation. This continuity in production location guarantees Made in Italy.



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  1. Well, it's ugly, so unfortunately realistic. Imparato and Mesonero-Romanos would clearly be capable of doing something like this.

  2. My God, what a horror! An absolute disgrace! An absolute massacre! When I think that some people are delighted with the style of the new Milano..ah no sorry Junior! 🫣🙄

  3. Peugeot rebadged Alfa and Puretec 3-cylinder engines, never an Alfa again for me.
    It's a disgrace what Tavares is doing... really!

  4. Hello, before criticizing read the article properly. "youtuber Theottle has made his interpretation of the future Stelvio, using a Grecale base."

    • Dear Sir, we understand the use of the conditional tense in this article! The fact remains that this interpretation, which is entirely credible because it is inspired by the brand's new codes, is far from exciting for many people. We can only hope that the final official design will be more appealing....

  5. You can't run ALFA ROMÉO the way you run Peugeot
    They're playing in the big league here
    ALFA ROMÉO is cars for enthusiasts
    You have to respect the image and maintain it, not make a Peugeot disguised as an ALFA.
    Let them be aware of it

    • I think we have to be realistic: with the TIM team (Tavares, Imparato, Mesonero) at the helm of the brand, the nightmare is becoming reality, and it won't budge as long as they're there...

    • Well, it was a Gricale, not a Peugeot, that he used as the basis for his design. And Peugeot is a very good brand with excellent chassis and a century-long history. It was Fiat that destroyed Alfa Romeo and Lancia, let's not forget.

      • Oh yes, and how long ago were Peugeot sports cars? To the 205 GTI and 405 Mi16, some thirty years ago.
        Since then, Peugeot has been producing cushy cars with increasingly ugly designs and supposedly excellent chassis, according to the French motoring press, which is very favorable to Peugeot. Peugeot is a mass-market brand for those who like to buy French, but other than that, nothing noteworthy.
        Far from sinking Alfa Romeo, Fiat saved it when it bought the brand in 1986.

  6. I've got an idea: since they've changed the name of the Milano to Junior, why don't they just change the brand name from Alfa Romeo to Alfa Pijot! On a more serious note, I think Stellantis wants to do away with Alfa Romeo when you see what this brand is becoming!

  7. It doesn't please the Alfists, and it doesn't please me at all, but Stellantis' aim is to increase volume and profitability for Alfa Romeo.
    The excellent Giulia and Stelvio didn't sell enough, even though everyone recognizes that their chassis is top-notch and that the competition isn't doing as well.
    It's true that some models are subject to malus in France, but malus is much lower in neighboring countries. So why such modest sales for these exceptional Alfa Romeos?
    Alfa Romeo is trying something different, and I can see why brand enthusiasts might not like it, but maybe it can work commercially.
    BMW, for example, is becoming commonplace outside a few M models with 6-cylinder engines (not for much longer), and it's working. No one will make me believe that the current 1 series, X1 and X2 are really interesting to drive (I've driven several of these cars), but they sell.

    • Exactly! The world is changing, and the few pseudo enthusiasts (who very often don't drive Alfa....moi si. ) won't be able to do anything about it.
      When you read: Alfa, the big leagues... it's enough to make you cry with laughter! 70,000 annual sales, that's just about as good as it gets...

      • This gentleman wasn't talking about sales, and you know it...

        On the other hand, I agree with him. Whether it's Tavares or Imparato (we could add Mesonero to the list), none of them have managed brands like Alfa Romeo or Maserati in their careers. Far from it. They didn't even manage to launch DS...

    • bmw cars sell well, but because they're bmw and german, it's easy to understand.
      don't look any further than that.
      people hear this word GERMAN AND the car sells good or bad, reliable or not, and very expensive to boot BUT it's German not Italian!
      PEOPLE LIVE WITH THE PAST and the Italians didn't have a very good reputation and that's how it stayed.
      (I drive a 2016 fiat typo. 152000 km never a single problem, whereas I know people who drive German cars who can't say the same).

      • It's very true: people buy a reputation, without looking beyond it, and without understanding that things evolve.
        German means solid and good cars for the majority, even when that's not so true.

  8. It's the end of the passion car. Even among the "specialists". The ecologists have won the day...
    The car is becoming just another mode of transport. That's why today, cars are rented. You don't want to own it anymore. It's a soulless consumer object. I have two German cars in my garage, both with the fabulous L6 under the hood... I'll part with them the day I'm forbidden to drive them...
    For now, an electric car? No thanks... If I had to take the plunge, I'd go for a Chinese model. Why invest in an expensive premium brand when the electric motors are all the same?
    I'm sorry that the manufacturers who made us dream, the Germans and Italians, didn't put up a better fight against the technocrats in Brussels who know nothing about cars... For them, they're stinking, deadly machines that clog up our towns and countryside.
    Premium automakers should have defended with conviction the pointé technology that their engine engineers have passionately developed year after year. But money has no smell and all manufacturers, premium or not, saw the advent of electric cars as an opportunity to sell cars and make money. To hell with convictions! ... Too bad for the few enthusiasts who will end up forgetting... and leaving this world.... The king is dead! Long live the king

  9. Where are the Alfa's of yesteryear? They were distinguished by a truly Italian cut and an atypical engine.
    Now it's not about creativity, it's about everything.

  10. This render is ridiculous. It takes Junior's image and magnifies it.
    Design is a real profession, unlike web designers using AI.

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