Alfa Romeo: the future B-SUV will not be called Brennero

While the compact SUV Alfa Romeo Tonale seems to be a commercial success for Alfa Romeohaving exceeded its order targets in Europe in 2022, the Italian brand also relies heavily on its future B-SUVeven smaller than the Tonale, to increase sales.

If we start to have more and more information about the B-SUV, one element was recently confirmed by the CEO of Alfa Romeo: he will not be called Brennero.

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As a reminder, Brennero is a name that was leaked a few years ago in the press, and it is a name that has been used for many years.n recall to the Brenner Pass, located in the Italian municipality of Brennero. A bit like the Passo del Tonale, and of course, the Passo dello Stelvio, two passes of the Italian Alps.

In short, all the new Alfa Romeo SUVs (2 so far), proudly bear the name of an Italian mountain pass. That's why Brennero was an unofficial name chosen for the future B-SUV by the press.


Yet, Jean-Philippe Imparatoon the occasion of the Brussels Motor Show, confirmed to our colleagues from 100 Terminals, that this B-SUV will not be called Brennero. Mr. Imparato goes even further by announcing that a consultation will be carried out at the end of June 2023 to choose a name, which will be confirmed in September 2023.

There are rumors that names of former Alfa Romeo models could be proposed.


Let's also remember that this Alfa Romeo B-SUV will be the first model not manufactured in Italy since it will be produced, like its Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600 cousins, in the Tychy plant in Poland, which currently manufactures the Fiat 500 thermal.

Concerning the characteristics of the Alfa Romeo B-SUVBased on the new DS3 and the Jeep Avenger, which share the same technical base, here is our table with, in italicsthe assumptions.

DS3Jeep AvengerFiat 600Alfa Romeo Brennero
Length4,11 m4,08 m4,1 m4,1 m
Battery54 kWh54 kWh48 kWh60 kWh
EngineEmotors M3Emotors M3Emotors M3Emotors M3
Power156 hp (115 kW)156 hp (115 kW)136 hp (100 kW)184 hp (135 kW)
Couple260 Nm260 Nm260 Nm300 Nm
Weight1550 kg1536 kg??
Autonomy402 km408 km??
0 to 100 km/h9 sec9 sec??
Price41700 €39 500 €??

According to our information, the Emotors M3 engine is capable of offering a power range of 60 to 250 kW and torque of 130 to 400 Nm. It is not impossible that, in order to offer slightly sportier performance, the battery capacity will be increased for higher performance.

About the design, this B-SUV will be the first to inaugurate the new style from the teams of Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, head of Alfa Romeo design, the latter having been recruited to this position in June 2021 by Stellantis.


To go further, you can read our file on future Alfa Romeo models until 2030.

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