Colourlock: test of the smooth leather maintenance kit

Since the news is at a standstill, I took advantage of the confinement to test new cleaning products for my cars. Here, the maintenance kit smooth leather brand colorlock. I knew this brand thanks to social networks where many owners of beautiful cars seemed satisfied. As far as I'm concerned, until this test, I was using the leather care creams that can be found in car centers such as abelauto, and C°.

So I bought for my cars, which all have black leather, the colourlock smooth leather maintenance kit which includes a foam for cleaningr leather and a lotion to nourish it. Also in the kit, a soft cloth to apply the lotion and two sponges to apply the foam.


Before testing the Maserati GranTurismo, my wife's Alfa Romeo MiTo was used as a guinea pig. It's a 2011 car, black leather, in very good condition except the steering wheel which was very dirty.

So I started by applying cleansing foam with the sponge.


On the left after the cleaning foam, which must be wiped off after application with a damp cloth. On the right the leather before. After application of the foam, the leather becomes matt. It is advisable to make several passes if the leather is still dirty.

I then cleaned the entire surface with the cleaning foam and once dry, I applied the protective lotion. Now I have a very shiny leather.


What I like about these two products is that they are odorless. This suits me very well.

The result is satisfactory without any "wow" effect since the leather of the Alfa Romeo Mito was already in very good condition.


On the other hand, on the steering wheel of the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the result is clearly visible.

Below, before application of the cleansing foam.


After application of the cleaning foam...

After application of the protective lotion.


The result is very satisfactory. Without much effort, the steering wheel is very clean.

After this conclusive result, I move on to the Maserati GranTurismo. Unlike the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the leather is from 2009 and has already worked well, while the steering wheel has not moved. So I was a bit annoyed to leave it in this state and see it deteriorate further.


As you can see on the picture below, at the level of the seat, the leather works a lot and "cracks"..

I proceeded to the same steps as for the other car, that is to say cleaning with the foam and then applying the lotion, the result is not bad! The leather seems well nourished.


The colorlock maintenance kit seems, visually, to have done more good on the Maserati than the Alfa Romeo MiTo.

I don't have a car with red or beige leather but I would be curious to see the result.


I bought the colourlock maintenance kit for 27 € + 8,90 € shipping costs. I have made 2 cars and there is plenty left to make more.

What is the best alternative to this cleaning kit?

I'm not going to start a new photo essay on cleaning the leather of my car, even if after ten months, my Alfa Romeo needed a new cleaning. I didn't take the option to make a new article either, because the purpose of the site is to talk about Italian cars, not to turn it into a cleaning tip site. So, if you are looking to answer the question : How should you maintain the interior of a vehicle or how to maintain your car's leather for free, I invite you to skip it and go back to Google to get an answer.


But let's get back to the topic of the day, which is the best alternative to the cleaning kit I presented. It is the brand Sofolk. It also offers a cleaning kit, for almost the same price (about 5 euros). For this price, you will have the right to :

  • A 750 ml sprayer to clean, stain and degrease your leather. The product also works on plastic, skai and alcantara. As the brand is specialized in leather, you won't have any risk to see your leather discolored;
  • A nourishing oil that will allow your seats to keep their flexibility and avoid cracking or tearing;
  • A silky varnish to prevent the color of your leather from fading because of the sun. It will also lightly waterproof it to protect it when you rush back to your car after a rain shower.

According to the manufacturer, regular use of these 3 products could double the life of your leather. It is difficult for me to give you an objective opinion on this information, but at least you know.


A few remarks about the application of the products. Once the leather has been cleaned with the product, you must wait until it is perfectly dry before applying the nourishing oil. It takes at least one hour. Finally, the varnish must be applied at least 5 days after the oil.

The manufacturer recommends repeat the operation at least 2 to 3 times a year. So with my cleaning once every 10 months, I am clearly out of time. The quantities of product let me think that I should be able to make 3 cleanings. It's really a good investment considering the results obtained.


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