Lamborghini: new delivery record in the first 9 months of 2021

While some manufacturers seem to be suffering from the semiconductor shortage, others are managing to announce record shipments.

The brand Lamborghini is in excellent shape as it continues to grow steadily in terms of volume with 6,902 cars delivered in 2021.


Lamborghini achieves this score mainly thanks to the Urus SUVThis is a sign that this product segment is inevitable, even for sports car brands. The Huracan also achieves a respectable score thanks in particular to numerous limited editions.

Finally, the Aventador, which should soon be replaced, should equal its 2020 score. Lamborghini was expected to regain, in 2021, the figures of 2019, and, who knows in 2022, overtake Ferrari?


Lamborghini's future years look positive as the brand slowly begins its transition to electrification.

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