Lamborghini figures Q1 2024: a good start for the Revuelto!

After Maserati and Ferrari, it's now the turn of the brand Lamborghini to unveil its figures for the first quarter of 2024. Is the brand off to as good a start in 2024 as it finished in 2023? Let's find out together.

The level of detail and transparency in Lamborghini's figures is highly appreciable. First of all, we learn that while customer deliveries are stable compared with n-1, production levels are up by 23 %. This is mainly due to theURUS SE, whose PHEV version has just been presented and of course to the new Revuelto.


For this new RevueltoIf 22 models had been produced by the end of 2022, they would have been 339 produced in the first quarter of 2024. Which is great, because it indicates that Lamborghini could produce between 1,000 and 1,500 a year. We're well within the Aventador's figures. The Huracan has historically sold very well too... the last productions of the V10 model before its Temerario replacement?

In the countryEurope accounts for 43 % of sales, and the United States for 28 %. China + Hong Kong accounted for 6 %. The brand is therefore growing on the old and new continents, while shrinking in China... Figures very similar to those presented by Ferrari for its first quarter 2024. Just goes to show, there are customers in Europe for supercars!


The only negative pointif ever there was one, it was profit. This came to 187 million euros vs. 260 million euros for the same period last year. The margin of 27 % nevertheless remains on the same trend as 2023. Even if the start of the year seems to have underperformed Q1 2023, With deliveries of the Revuelto and URUS SE on the rise, and those of the Huracan holding steady, Lamborghini has all the ingredients for a good first half of 2024.

Figures Q1 2024FerrariMaseratiLamborghini
CA1.6 billion€313 million691 million
Medium basket450 000 €*91 000 €*263 000 €*
Benefits352 million?€187 million
Margin38 %?27 %


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  1. I don't think the average Ferrari shopping basket is €450,000. Apart from the Purosangue, which exceeds this amount with a few options, and the 12 Cilindri just presented, the other models are more in the 300,000€ range. After that, everything is optional at Ferrari, and it goes up fast.
    Ferrari is far more profitable than Lamborghini, which is no surprise.

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