Fiat CEO unveils his plan to boost sales of the electric 500: "Grey will come back".

Update: this article was obviously an April Fool's joke! Some of the information below has been made up.

A strategic shift that promises to make history! The CEO of FiatOlivier François, has announced a decision that marks a return to the origins of the Fiat 500: grey.. This color, so decried by the brand in the summer of 2023, will make its comeback on the famous model. This revelation, made at an impromptu press conference in the Turin factory, comes after a year of stagnating sales for the electric version of the Fiat 500.


"Fiat has always been synonymous with joy, optimism, love, passion and life," recalled François, echoing his words from last summer. "We took the bold step of eliminating gray from our palette, convinced that our customers wanted to reflect these values through brighter colors. However, we've learned that passion and optimism can also be expressed through the sobriety and elegance of grey."

Fiat's initial decision to eliminate gray, though based on an analysis of cultural trends and preferences in Italy, had run up against an unexpected reality: gray remains the best-selling car color in Europe. Stagnant sales of the electric Fiat 500 in 2023 have prompted the brand to reconsider its position, admitting that the absence of this popular color may have alienated some of its customers, rather than to introduce a hybrid combustion version.


By reintroducing the grey colour, Fiat sees this choice an opportunity to revitalize sales of the Fiat 500, with the aim of doubling them by 2024. "We're returning to grey, but with a reinvented, unique shade that captures the spirit of Fiat: a grey that shines with optimism," said François, outlining a communications strategy that is both a return to its roots and an innovation.


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  1. How could fiat come up with such an idiotic idea to abandon the gray color? It's like ferrari abandoning red.

  2. I don't think the return of gray will boost sales of the Fiat 500e, even though it's a popular color for cars.
    To boost sales, you need a hybrid engine, and Fiat has finally understood this.

  3. The decision-makers screwed up! They should have looked elsewhere, like the Mini with its light gray and black roof! What class! Then a light metal gray 500 with piano black lines and touches in places, and a black soft top! Wow! But these creative gentlemen must not be graduates of Italian design schools! Thank you Thank you thank you all.

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