Ferrari 100 % electric: we know the price, and it won't be cheap

Illustration by Italpassion

Ferrarithe luxury automaker par excellence, is about to enter the electric world with a new car that promises to revolutionize the market. While competitors such as RIMAC are struggling with their electric supercars, and Maserati's Folgore models have yet to find their audience, Ferrari, with its experience and know-how, intends to surprise everyone.. The Prancing Horse brand, already famous for its successes with the Purosangue SUV, the SF90 V8 hybrid and the 296 V6 hybrid, will be taking this electric model to a new level.

A price to match Ferrari's

According to Reuters, the first electric Ferrari 100 % will start at 500,000 eurosThis price is equivalent to that of the Purosangue and much higher than that of the Maserati Granturismo Folgore. This pricing reflects Ferrari's confidence in the appeal of its new offering for ultra-rich drivers, even at a time when mainstream competitors are slashing the prices of their electric vehicles in the face of hesitant demand.


A technological revolution

John Elkann, Ferrari's main shareholder, recently declared that he had had the opportunity to test this new electric Ferrari. His enthusiasm is palpable "I had the opportunity to drive the new electric Ferrari: the experience was extraordinary, unique and surprising beyond all expectations." Elkann emphasized that this car represents something radically new for the brand, using innovative electrical and electronic technologies to create a truly unique vehicle.

Elkann also mentioned that this incomparable driving experience If you love to drive, the sensations and emotions this car will give you will be quite simply extraordinary. It is a source of great optimism and confidence for Ferrari to think that our future will not be limited to our powerful combustion engines, but will also be enriched by today's hybrid engines and the electric vehicles we will be presenting from 2025 onwards."


A long-term multi-energy strategy

Although Ferrari is going electric, the brand is not abandoning combustion engines and hybrids, however. Elkann confirmed that Ferrari will continue to focus on these technologies while exploring the new possibilities offered by electrics. "It will be something radically new, different from all expectations. For us, the electric car represents a blank canvas from which to exploit innovative technologies from the electrical and electronics sector, to create and design an absolutely unique vehicle", he declared. In particular, we know that Ferrari has filed patents and has also worked on sound signatures for its electric models.

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