Ferrari 100 % electric: glimpse in a presentation video?

Ferrari has inaugurated its new "e-building", a revolutionary factory dedicated to the manufacture of all its new cars, whether thermal, hybrid or electric, and which will go into production in the second quarter of 2025. To mark the occasion, Ferrari released a video presenting this avant-garde building. One intriguing detail in particular caught the eye of observers: at around 48 seconds, during a brief 0.5-second moment, a red Ferrari with a tarpaulin appears on screen. It could be the future Ferrari 100 % electric car.

A hidden clue?

It's impossible to say with certainty that this hidden model is the first electric Ferrari. However, there are a number of clues to suggest otherwise. During the visit linked to the e-building presentation event in Maranello, no previously unseen cars were visible, only a large number of 296, Purosangue, Roma and 12Cylinder models. Now, in the video, a car of coupe proportions with high wheels, covered only by a red sheet, stands out from the crowd.. All other hulls, mainly Purosangue, are clearly visible.


This detail could be an "easter egg" deliberately placed by Ferrari to build anticipation around the future electric car scheduled for the end of next year, marking a new page in Maranello's history. At first glance, the car under the sheet might resemble a Purosangue, but superimposing the silhouette with that of the five-door reveals differences, particularly in height, although the angle of view can be misleading.

Expected features

Information gathered in recent months suggests that the car will be larger than current models, with a length exceeding five metres and taller than the SUV. This model could be a kind of elevated flagship, a five-door with elegant shapes and a particularly capacitive battery, well in excess of 100 kWh to guarantee a long range. Reminiscent of the Lamborghini Lanzador on the same principle.


E-building: a versatile production center

The electric model, whose name remains unknown, will be built in the new Maranello e-building, a second factory erected just a few meters from the original site. This new structure has been designed to produce the Ferraris of tomorrow, whether electric, hybrid or combustion-powered. Assembly lines are designed for maximum flexibility, enabling production of the brand's iconic V6, V8 and V12 engines.

The e-building, whose construction required an investment of 200 million eurosis an example of productive flexibility. Powered at 100 % by renewable energy sources, the site also incorporates over 1.3 MW of solar panels. Staff, trained over the past two years, will work in optimized conditions with robots, relaxation areas, green spaces and abundant natural light.


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