Alfa Romeo CEO notes amateurish concept of a Giulia

We no longer count the virtual concepts ofAlfa Romeo that have been published on the internet in recent years by independent designers. This brand, thanks to its DNA and its iconic cars, gives designers a good base to express their talents.

This is what happened with a Chinese amateur car designer, under the pseudonym of Sugarchowwho unveiled his much talked about interpretation of a Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan and coupewhich takes up the codes of the Tonale.


What are the characteristics of Alfa?sexy, simplicity, elegance, power, and alfa red. All these beautiful words can express it.

The Tonale is the latest concept car from Alfa. It's a sexy car with great proportions and a lot of classic Alfa elements, even though it's a compact SUV. If we move the Tonale's design to a sedan, what can we get?

This is the all-new Alfa Giulia. It has traditional sedan proportions but a fastback trunk design. And the taillights may remind you of the 156, as well as the hidden handles for the rear doors.

It is bigger than the current Giulia in terms of dimensions. But don't worry alfistis, I have prepared the Giulia Sprint for you, a compact coupe like the BMW serie 2. Please wait 😋

Sugarchow on Instagram

The Alfa Romeo Giulia concept as a sedan

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint concept

A design that has been noticed by many Internet users, which has its importance, since Jean-Philippe Imparato himself, CEO of Alfa Romeo, validated the beauty of the concept on Twitter.

It is true that this concept is very successful and, personally, if the future Alfa Romeo Giulia looked like this, even in electric, I could be a customer.


Hopefully the team of Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, responsible for Alfa Romeo styling, will go in the right direction for Alfa Romeo design. We will find out soon with the next supercar and the B-SUV.

You can encourage this amateur designer by following him on his Sugarchow Instagrams account.



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  1. Isn't there something that offends you in this sentence?
    "All these beautiful words can express it"
    "These" I want but "ceses" unknown to the beast.

    Beautiful but I prefer the current Giulia (at least the non restyled version).
    The next one, as beautiful as it is, leaves me indifferent with its electric motorization.

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