Stellantis CEO confirms Alfa Romeo's return to racing

Alfa Romeo Formula 1. Image illustration IA - Italpassion

We made it an April fool's joke and yet it should come true: Stellantis announces the return ofAlfa Romeo in competition. At a recent round-table discussion in Misano, as part of a Formula E event (where Maserati finished 9 and 12), Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, answered journalists' questions about the Biscione brand's future in motorsport.

Alfa Romeo returns to the world of motor racingsays Carlos Tavares. "It's part of the brand's DNA, part of its heritage. Fans of the marque au Biscione can therefore rejoice: the announcement not only confirms Alfa Romeo's future return to the sporting arena, but also underlines the Group's commitment to preserving and enhancing the brand's competitive heritage.


Discussions concerning this return are already underway, involving key figures such as Jean-Marc Finot, head of Stellantis Motorsport, and Jean-Philippe Imparato, director of Alfa Romeo. However, Carlos Tavares stresses that the final decision on the precise timing of the return and the specific competitions in which Alfa Romeo will take part has not yet been decided.. "The 'when' remains to be decided," he adds.

In his statements, Tavares also shared his strategic vision on the ideal time to join or return to a sport. In his view, it's crucial to enter a competition cycle at a time when costs are reasonable and the brand can grow with the discipline, thus increasing its competitiveness. It's a careful calculation aimed at maximizing marketing ROI.


The field of possibilities for Alfa Romeo's comeback is vast. Competitions such as Formula E, the World Endurance Championship (WEC), or even a grand return to Formula 1 or touring car championships are being considered. However, Tavares stresses the importance of choosing the right moment to return, taking into account the cycles and volatility of the motorsport world.

"I can share with you that in all motorsport disciplines, the cycle is always the same: it starts slowly, grows, explodes and then falls again. Over and over again," explains Tavares. "The moment we enter that cycle is strategically important for what we do."


In addition, several months ago, Jean-Philippe Imparato had already given news of the brand's return to competitionI'd like to do it as an owner and not just as a sponsor.

In conclusion, while the announcement is not accompanied by a precise timetable, it confirms Stellantis' serious intention to bring Alfa Romeo back to where many enthusiasts and brand lovers think it belongs: on the racetrack.



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  1. All Alfa Romeo news looks like April Fools at the moment!!!
    The renaming of the Milano I still don't know if it's a joke or not!? 🤣

  2. It's the minimum you'd expect from a brand like Alfa Romeo, as is the fact that track-bred innovations find their way into the so-called "stradale" models.

  3. It should have been called alfa purtech, but how could Mr imparato agree to this? First holden engines from the m........ then purtech engines from the m........ What a shame for the alfa brand. No more alfa!

    • Alfiat" cars were often excellent. It's time to stop saying that because Alfa Romeo borrowed various elements from Fiat, they weren't as good, apart from the fact that they had switched from rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive.
      And to say that the current Giulia, for example, isn't 100% Alfa Romeo, you don't need to have driven it.

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