Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2022, the new prices of the MY22 range

Since its launch in 2016, the SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio benefits from an update of its equipment (colors, technology, rims, engines) but also prices.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a premium SUV in terms of driving dynamics, finish and equipment. The price of the Stelvio is therefore that of a premium SUV starting at €49,500. Below, the latest prices for an SUV Alfa Romeo New Stelvio 2022, also called MY22 for Model Year 2022.


The Alfa Romeo Stelvio MY22 range in brief

  • Enriched content from 1er finishing level for a decrease in the number of packs, options and rims
  • Simplified range
  • Stable price/equipment ratio
  • One additional year of standard warranty in France (Maximum Care +1 year/120,000 km)

Equipment level up from the 1st trim level: the standard equipment of most versions has been significantly enriched, starting with the Super trim. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio now benefits from the following standard features and equipment:

  • Induction phone charger
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Aluminum crankset
  • Sport steering wheel
  • Sport gearshift
  • Dark roof sky
  • Ambient lighting

Simplified ranges The equipment enrichment brought to the range has the effect of simplifying the configuration of the models with :

  • 7 types of rims (2 choices maximum per finish) ;
  • 10 exterior colors ;
  • 2 fabric or Alfatec fabric coverings and 3 leather colors (depending on the finish and type of seats): black, red or tobacco;
  • 3 packs: Veloce atmosphere, autonomous driving and premium interior.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2022 engines

Alfa Romeo cars, and in particular the Stelvio SUV, are dynamic driving cars. To offer the level of performance expected by the driver, the engines range from 160 hp to 510 hp.

EnginePowerFiscal powerCoupleBoxTransmission0 to 100 km/hVmax
L4 2.2L diesel160 hp8450 NmAutomatic 8 speedsPropulsion8.2 sec220 km/h
L4 2.2L diesel190 hp10450 NmAutomatic 8 speedsPropulsion7.1 sec230 km/h
L4 2.2L diesel210 hp12470 NmAutomatic 8 speedsQ46.8 sec235 km/h
L4 2.0L gasoline200 hp11330 NmAutomatic 8 speedsPropulsion6.6 sec235 km/h
L4 2.0L gasoline280 hp17400 NmAutomatic 8 speedsQ45.2 sec240 km/h
V6 2.9L gasoline510 hp41600 NmAutomatic 8 speedsPropulsion3.9 sec307 km/h

The gearbox of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (as well as the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan) is a ZF AT8, that is to say an 8 speed automatic gearbox. It is possible to switch the gearbox to sequential mode and use the large paddles behind the steering wheel to change gears.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2022 Price List

Below is a non-exhaustive but representative list of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2022 according to engine and trim levels. The price may change according to certain options.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio SuperdieselL4 160 hp8 speed propulsionfrom €49,500
Alfa Romeo Stelvio SprintdieselL4 190 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivefrom €55,700
Alfa Romeo Stelvio TidieselL4 210 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivefrom €59,500
Alfa Romeo Stelvio VelocedieselL4 210 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivefrom € 61,600
Alfa Romeo Stelvio SupergasolineL4 200 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivefrom €53,600
Alfa Romeo Stelvio SprintgasolineL4 200 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivefrom €55,600
Alfa Romeo Stelvio TigasolineL4 280 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivefrom €60,900
Alfa Romeo Stelvio VelocegasolineL4 280 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivefrom € 63,000
Alfa Romeo Stelvio QuadrifogliogasolineV6 510 hp8 speed 4 wheel drivestarting at 97 900 €.

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