Alfa Romeo Spider: CEO confirms that it is not profitable to relaunch this model

In an interview with Italian media outlet Il Messaggero, Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO ofAlfa Romeoclarified the brand's position on the possibility of relaunching the iconic Alfa Romeo Spideralso known as the Duetto. When asked if a new version of this legendary model could be on the way, he was forthright.

Imparato says: "And the dreams, what are they? Naturally, it would be wonderful to create a new Duetto, the heir to an icon that has even conquered America, but that probably won't be possible. To get an adequate economic return, it's wiser to go for a Brera-type vehicle, coupe and also cabriolet. I have a very clear idea of what we need in the C-segment. If you make a Duetto today, you know from the outset that you'll sell a maximum of 15,000 a year, and that would be a problem.. We still have to invent what we want to do in 2027, but I'm very sure that the new Stelvio and Giulia will give us a great boost. And we don't have long to wait, because we'll be presenting the Stelvio in the second half of next year, and in the spring of 2026 we'll be introducing the Giulia, which is magnificent and offers the ultimate in performance and driving style. Our new generations of vehicles will have very high quality and cutting-edge technologies, because at Alfa Romeo we work with extraordinary passion."


These words from Jean-Philippe Imparato confirm what many enthusiasts feared: the rebirth of the Alfa Romeo Spider does not seem economically viable in the short term. It's true that the last Spider model, produced from 2006 to 2010, only made just over 12,000 units. What's more, an attempt to return to collaboration with Mazda during the FCA era saw Fiat and Abarth take advantage of mutualization to create the Fiat 124, which produced around 40,000 units worldwide.

Today, with Alfa Romeo focused on profitability, it's not surprising that the Spider is not a priority. Moreover, synergies within the Stellantis Group dictate that any new Alfa Romeo convertible must be shared with another model in the group. This means that a new Alfa Romeo Spider could potentially share components or platforms with other Stellantis Group convertibles, thus reducing development costs.


So it's safe to assume that a new Spider won't see the light of day before 2030.We're just waiting for the current range to be renewed. According to Alfa Romeo's product plan to 2028The brand plans to launch several models: the Milano, the new Stelvio, the new Giulia, the new Giulietta and a new Tonale.


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  1. With Stellantis, making a niche car like the Spider is impossible.
    Another Milano? A large sedan or SUV, above the Stelvio? A Giulietta 308 too?

  2. In the new world of short-term profits, they don't understand that an image vehicle can also be financed by the mass of standardized vehicles sold alongside it. This kind of financial management is stupid.

  3. Stellantis is all about profitability. That's how we end up with Peugeot-powered Juniors and 208-clone Ypsilons.
    Stellantis seems to forget that a premium brand needs models for its image. If Volkswagen had thought like that when it relaunched Audi, that brand would no longer exist today....

    • Suffice it to say that the same people who created DS (still a failure 10 years after its creation as a brand) are now in charge of Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.


      Yellow laughter, very yellow, fluorescent even.

  4. the new GIULIA in 2O26 and the new STELVIO in the 2nd half of 2025... But how long does it take ALFA to bring out a new model!!!!
    When you see that CUPRA already sells 150,000 cars a year... And to think that VW wanted to buy ALFA and FIAT said no, what a mistake...

    • We would have had Alfa Romeo based on Golf, Polo and other Volkswagen models. Not sure it would have been truly Italian, although I deplore Peugeot's bases for Italian cars.

  5. The end of the Italian dolce Vita....
    Since the takeover of all these Italian manufacturers....there's no room left for the Italian dream.
    The dreamy, fun-loving Italian look has been replaced by cars all based on the same model and platform.
    Structural savings, no doubt, but a loss of identity at every level....pffff birn pity this recession.

  6. The problem for Imparato is that there's no peugeot cabriolet that can be rebadged with Biscione and Scudetto on all 4 corners of the body!
    Alfa is now on the same level as Lancia, just using the name to make either a slightly "sportier" Peugeot, or a slightly "more luxurious" one, or simply visually different. If you think about it, the commercial game behind all this is very similar to what Mattel did with Barbie.

  7. It's a pity that today we're in the middle of a story that's not profitable, and as such we're bidding farewell to some of the finest models in automotive history.
    And many customers don't know what to buy anymore because they produce only what is profitable.
    With all the possibilities the factory has to offer today, a single chassis can make a Peugeot or an Alfa Romeo.

  8. With a future Giulia based on the hideous 408 and future Alfa models as uninspired in terms of design (and yet we buy an Alfa mainly for its design...but that was before STELLANTIS 😅 ), it's not certain that all this will last very long. Fortunately for STELLANTIS, the markéteux are going to make it Dolce Vita! 🤣

    All this reminds us of GENERAL MOTORS, the gravedigger of the automobile. Remember the soldier SAAB (RIP).
    And Tavares, after being forced out of Renault by Carlos Ghosn, was dreaming of an American career, only to end up at Peugeot! CQFD!

    Tavares, the sinister "cost killer" as I like to call him, recently declared in an interview that there will eventually be only 4 or 5 global automakers left. So needless to say, Italian brands are on fire!
    Maserati could have a future outside Stellantis, according to some sources!

    I see a lot of Giuliettas and Mito in the South! Always great to look at! 🇮🇹

  9. Where is the passion? I've made up my mind, I'm staying with my old Alfa. And the green cities that don't want me, well, too bad, I'm going elsewhere. That's not what's missing. When they've sorted out the problem, maybe I'll buy a new Alfa. The customer is king, isn't he!

  10. More like a stellantis car built in Poland!😂
    There's nothing Italian left....hoping that the Italian government will turn the tide and put a definitive stop to this charade

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