Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio MY21: CO2 and malus down!

Finally some good news for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio with petrol engines: CO2 emissions and therefore the penalty are down for the MY21 range. This is enough to put a smile on the face of dealers!

alfa romeo giulia stelvio my20

According to the release, These results were obtained thanks to several technical modifications:

  • Aerodynamic improvement on the underbody of the car;
  • Modifications to the AT8 gearbox and rear differential;
  • Modification of the gearbox staging ;
  • Low rolling resistance tires;
  • Optimized Multi-Air system settings and reduced friction in 4-cylinder gasoline engines.

This results in lower CO2 This is a significant increase of up to 21 grams on the Stelvio 280 HP Q4 and 28 grams on the Giulia 280 HP.

For example, the Giulia The 280 hp Veloce, in rear-wheel drive version, is now certified for 167 g/km (compared to 195 g/km in the previous range). This means that the malus is reduced from €12,012 to €2,544, a reduction of more than €9,000. The reduction even reaches 10,769 € on Stelvio Veloce gasoline 280 HP Q4.


All we have to do is let the public know that these cars exist!

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  1. To date, the CO2 levels are still higher, both on the French site and the German site where the my21 are present at the end.

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