Abarth: a licence-free model as early as next year!

Update: this article was obviously an April Fool's joke! Some of the information below has been made up.

Abarth, Fiat's sporty arm known for its fiery carsplans to launch the Abarth 50, a licence-free model, as early as next year. which promises thrills for sporty driving enthusiasts, even the youngest.


Inspired by the resounding success of the Citroën AMI and the Fiat Topolino Dolce Vita versionStellantis has decided to make a big splash with a version that combines the pleasure of Abarth's characteristic driveability and the accessibility of a vehicle without a license. According to initial information, the Abarth 50 will be a a sporty, radically prepared version of the Fiat Topolino, adapted to the constraints and legislation governing unlicensed vehicles.

The hard work of the Stellantis Motorsport teams has made it possible to reduce the weight of the car from 500 kg to 450 kg, a technical feat designed to optimize the vehicle's performance and handling. But the modifications don't stop there. bucket seats for a perfect seat in the tightest bends, and a alcantara sports steering wheel for easy handling, and 14-inch wheels by OZ to affirm its membership of the racing world.


"We designed the Abarth 50 so that even the Fairmont hairpin in Monaco can be passed at full speed. It's a small revolution in the world of no-license cars," enthused Marco Velo, chief engineer at Stellantis Motorsport.

But the real revolution lies in the sound experience offered by the Abarth 50. For authenticity and driving pleasure, a simulant the characteristic sound of a Vespa will be integrated. This technical innovation aims to recreate the atmosphere and adrenalin felt at the handlebars of a sport scooter, while complying with noise standards for unlicensed vehicles.


"We want every young person to be able to experience the passion of sporty driving, even without a license. The Abarth 50 embodies this spirit of freedom and daring, while offering a one-of-a-kind experience," said a Stellantis spokesperson at the announcement.


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  1. "We designed the Abarth 50 so that even the Fairmont hairpin in Monaco can be passed at full speed. It's a small revolution in the world of licence-free cars."

    Hahaha not bad ref' 😉

  2. Alexandre, this year you're spoiling us with April fools! 😀
    Still, I think this little Topolino with its Abarth livery is really pretty!

  3. Is this an April Fool's joke? 😬
    Seriously, an Abarth small car that will be limited to 45 km/h anyway...

  4. What's real, however, with some recent official photos, is the future 240 hp Abarth 600e. It might be interesting.

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