Stellantis reveals information about the Smart Car platform used by future Fiat models

Whereas when StellantisThe first of these was the launch of four new platforms (STLA Small, STLA Medium...), STLA Large and STLA Frame), a fifth platform has been added: the Smart Car platform. This inclusion has raised questions about its usefulness, especially with the arrival of STLA platforms and the continued use of older CMP platforms, as with the new Alfa Romeo Junior. However, in a presentation to investors, supported by a 200-page slide show, Stellantis revealed that significant details about the Smart Car platform.

A response to "aggressive competition

The Smart Car platform has been developed to respond to "aggressive" competition from new entrants to the European market, including vehicles manufactured in China. Stellantis has designed this platform to capitalize on rapidly evolving market trends and consumer preferences.


Smart Car Platform features

  • Positioning The platform is designed to meet the requirements of the B and C segments, with an SUV look.
  • Multi-energy The platform is compatible with electric vehicles (BEVs) with a range of up to 400 km, as well as hybrid powertrains.
  • Industrialization Production is designed to be cost-effective and can be carried out anywhere in the world, ensuring cost efficiency and adaptable production scale.
  • Other key features :
    • High ground clearance
    • Seating for up to 7, with 315-liter trunk space

Product range

The Smart Car platform was inaugurated with the new Citroën ë-C3, the first affordable electric vehicle made in Europe. This presentation also confirms that the platform will be used for au at least four future Fiat models, including three in Europe. These models will include replacements for the Tipo (compact), the Punto (small car), and a family model similar to the 500L (small MPV), as mentioned by Fiat CEO Olivier François a few weeks ago.


With the Smart Car platform, Stellantis strategically positioned to face growing competition from Chinese electric vehicles on the European marketWe're probably waiting for the STLA Small and STLA Medium platforms, which still require development and cost amortization, to become more competitive. Watch out for the new Citroën range, and you'll have the future Fiat!


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  1. "Stellantis is strategically positioned to meet the growing competition from Chinese electric vehicles on the European market."

    So... why is Stellantis going to sell sLeapmotors in Europe?

    It's a bit of a paradox, isn't it?

  2. As usual, the last to be served are vehicles from Italian brands. A platform derived from the CMP, the smartcar will be totally out of date technically when it begins to be used as the basis for Fiat models. In the meantime, Citroën is introducing the platform.
    Since the creation of Stellantis, Peugeot has been the best served, with Citroën, DS and Opel close behind and the Italian brands sacrificed....

    • I work at STLA and the Italian brands are far from being sacrificed. At xPSA, we had a product plan to produce before the merger, whereas at xFCA it was more complex. The teams are working hard on it. Another guy who doesn't know what he's talking about...

    • Last served, since part of this plan was decided before the merger, they started their development afterwards, so it's logical that the arrival in production has been delayed.
      Then again, the Italian brands are not to be pitied, for the moment they are the only ones to have the 240/280hp electric motor on the CMP platform as well as the 4×4 versions of this platform and I'm not talking about the Large platform which is totally "forbidden" to the ex-PSA brands?

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