The first photos of the new Lancia Ypsilon leak!

We now know a little more about the design of the future Lancia Ypsilon thanks to an... unusual event! On Tuesday morning, December 12, firefighters were called to a call-out on rue du Port, Montbéliard... a car was half-submerged in water... which was none other than the future Lancia Ypsilon, uncamouflaged!

For the record, this wreck took place not far from the Stellantis factory in Sochaux. The unlikely scene was immortalized by photographer Lionel Vadam for the Est Republicain newspaper, who had no idea that the model had risen from the water.


This model features the Lancia logo on the trunk, the rear door handles integrated into the pillars, the Lancia logo on the side, round taillights like the Pu+ra HPE concept...

Why and how did this car end up in the water? Was it another marketing ploy by Luca Napolitano, who wanted to follow in the footsteps of his colleague Olivier François by immersing a car in liquid? The Gendarmerie is currently investigating. In any case, this is the first time that photos of a new car have been leaked in this way ;).


More photos on l'Est Republicain articlewho we thank for the photos!

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  1. I can say this because I have Italian blood, but you can't change the lasagne recipe that easily!
    For the first generation (Y10), we spread a layer of Panda, a layer of alcantara, and slice with a large knife the rear end, which we seal with a beautiful black plastic and say that the future is already here...
    For the second generation, we start with a layer of Punto, then load it up with alcantara (it's a bit like béchamel, it's an essential part of the recipe), then offer a kaleidoscope of more than 128 colors, for a real eye-opener...
    For the third generation, we've gone back to a layer of Panda (much smoother and more melt-in-your-mouth), we've loaded it up with alcantara, and we've hired an eccentric designer for the presentation. We Italians love it! And it's even the 3rd best-selling model in the peninsula in 2023 😉
    But Lancia is dying and we need to bounce back with new ideas!
    So what do we do about the 4th of its kind?
    Well, there's no more Punto in the cupboard, and the Panda will soon be unmeasurable by European standards, so we're going to try a layer of Corsa to start with (si si, the little German 208!), Raw milk is also in the crosshairs of our dear enarques in Bruxelle, so we're replacing the béchamel with an advanced technology sauce: La buonissima salsa SALA! So hang on, the Y10 had it all wrong, the real future is this: (Even Musk never went this far). But think about it, two screens, one dedicated to the driving instruments and the other, listen up, dedicated to infotainment - and what's more, in HD! You can even control the air conditioning centrally (yes, you can)! And finally, voice commands that let you say "Turn on the heating! Or "Call Tata! Wow! And the information screen will be controlled by widgets, can you imagine that? It's no longer The Sphinx rising from the ashes of its elders, but Venus rising from the ocean as the ultimate creation of the Stellantis constellation... Vincenzo can rest in peace.

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