Fiat Grande Panda: here's what the entry-level version will look like

The Fiat Grande Panda is the big news of 2024 for the Italian automaker. In the run-up to the official presentation on July 11, Fiat has decided, with a little advance.., to unveil the first images of this modelprobably to pre-empt any possible leaks. A first glimpse has been shared in a video published on social networks by the Panero Auto TorinoA new look for the entry-level model, with red livery and white wheels. This color is expected to be one of the most popular among those proposed by Fiat for the new car, which will start production in Kragujevac, Serbia, in the second half of July.

The entry-level version of the Grande Panda

The entry-level version of the Fiat Grande PandaAlthough more affordable, it will be no less well equipped. With its modern design and advanced on-board technology, it promises to meet the needs of a wide range of drivers. The model shown in red underlines the car's aesthetic appeal, designed to appeal to a wide range of customers, from young urbanites to families.


A key model for Fiat's future

The Fiat Grande Panda is seen as an essential pillar for the brand's future. It will be distinguished by very competitive prices, both its internal combustion version and its 100 % electric version, with the ambition of democratizing electric mobility and making it accessible to all. Rumor has it that the electric version could start at around 21,000 euros, excluding government incentives, while the internal combustion version could be offered at a starting price of just under 15,000 euros.

A global car with international ambitions

The Grande Panda will not only be a car for the European market. This global model will also be sold and produced on other continents, particularly in South America, where it could be marketed as the new Fiat Argo. According to the latest roadmap from the Italian manufacturerThe Fiat Grande Panda is destined to give birth to a new family of Fiat vehicles, including the future Fiat Multipla due next year, the new Fiat Fastback expected in 2026, and a pickup heir to the Fiat Strada, due to make its debut in 2027 and to be sold not only in South America but also in our markets.



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  1. At a competitive price, the Grande Panda will do well. That is, depending on the market and the engine available (FireFly or PureTech for internal combustion?).

  2. We'll have to wait and see on the basis of actual dimensions - width in particular - but Hyundai has just proposed an Inster that could be a formidable competitor for a Pandina owner wishing to go electric. And even more so if they decide to offer it as an internal combustion engine, because it looks very well thought-out!

  3. I really like this fiat grande panda, I have to change my car in 2027 and I'm looking for a vehicle where I can sleep in it for a few w.e in the summer.
    To be continued. It's the petrol model that would suit me, as I only do 7000 kms a year...bye.

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