Are you planning to buy a Fiat Punto? You already have a Fiat Punto and you want to reduce the price of your insurance? ItalPassion offers you to find the best insurer aveac the best price for the insurance of your Fiat Punto and compare the best guarantees thanks to the Fiat insurance comparator below. In a few clicks the simulator will compare according to your profile and your model of Fiat Punto the most suitable insurance for your needs, with over 60 insurers, at the best price.

Fiat Punto car insurance comparison

Italpassion has teamed up with an expert car insurance broker to offer you advice and negotiate the best prices for insuring your Italian car. Receive personalized, no-obligation quotes using the form below.

Compare insurance for your (future) Fiat Punto doesn't bind you. The result of this insurance comparison depends on many criteria (second-hand value, deductible level, bonus, malus, comprehensive insurance, third-party insurance, insurance premium, city, garage, etc.) and a wide choice of car insurance contracts will be proposed to you.

This car insurance simulation is available for all generations of Fiat Punto: Punto I, Punto II, Punto III, Grande Punto, Punto Evo, Abarth Grande Punto, etc. are also offered in this insurance comparator.

Fiat Punto insurance rates by model

Do you already have a Fiat Punto car or are you planning to buy one? What year is it? Petrol or diesel? Find below the current insurance rates for Fiat Punto by models.

  • Fiat Punto I insurance rate : 400 € to 600 € / year
  • Fiat Punto II insurance rate : 400 € to 600 € / year
  • Fiat Punto III insurance rate : 500 € to 700 € / year
  • Fiat Grande Punto insurance rate : 500 € to 700 € / year
  • Fiat Punto Evo insurance rate : 500 € to 700 € / year
  • Abarth Punto insurance rate : 600 € to 800 € / year

Depending on the year, the model, your bonus, malus, your place of residence, the use as a main or secondary vehicle, etc., the price of the annual contribution generally ranges from 400 € / year (low range) to 800 € per year (high range), the average Fiat Punto insurance is around 500 € / year.

Fiat Punto car insurance for young drivers

A young driver is considered by an insurance company when he/she has a driving license of less than 3 years.

Some Fiat are highly sought after by young drivers. For a reason of look, price and power, the Fiat Punto is highly sought after because they are the easiest to insure for young drivers. Insurance for the Abarth version of the Punto is necessarily more expensive. It is affordable for a young driver, both in gasoline and diesel.

Fiat: one of the cheapest brands to insure

Good news for your budget! Many studies have shown that Fiat were among the cheapest to insure.