Alfa Romeo opens its new headquarters in Centro Stile

Certainly to reassure following the PSA / FCA merger that gave birth to Stellantisthe brand Alfa Romeo presents its new headquarters for the Italian brand's employees. It is located in the Centrole Stile, a refurbished part of the Mirafiori plant (Turin).

A few shots for the enthusiasts, but don't expect to see any exclusives 😉



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  1. Alfa: Milan
    Fiat : Turin
    Everything is going to hell!
    Bah remark, with Citroen is the French luxury made in China, no more cultural or historical landmarks! Long live globalization!

  2. Hello the abandonment of the platform giorgio is stupid! The giuilia 2 will be the last real alfaromeo! An aberration the new group will produce under products with pure tec 1.6 and 1.2 ...look at mazda or bmw .what a waste! ( mazda comes out with a 6 cylinder petrol and diesel future mazda 6.

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