Alfa Romeo must find its own way to electric power

Alfa Romeo emotors 280 bhp - Italpassion

During the test drive of the 280hp electric Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce at the Balocco circuit, which you can find out more about in a few days' time, we had the opportunity to talk to a number of Alfa Romeo executives about the new Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce. the challenge posed by electric sports cars. The question is on everyone's lips: how can an iconic brand like Alfa Romeo stand out in the electric age without losing its soul?

Should they imitate the sound of an engine, as the Abarth 500e does, or reproduce the sensation of shifting gears, as the Ioniq 5 does? Alfa Romeo Product Director Daniel Guzzafame, who has spent his entire career with Fiat, Maserati and Alfa Romeo, is clear on the subject: there's no question of the biscione brand trying to imitate a combustion engine. For him, the electric motor must find its own way to provide driving pleasure, and this is precisely what the Italian brand aims to do with its future models.

Daniel Guzzafame - head of product Alfa Romeo - Italpassion

Daniel also points out that driving pleasure isn't just about power. Today's electric motors make it very easy to achieve high levels of power. What really counts is the way in which this power is delivered, and the overall sensations it provides for the driver.

Domenico Bagnasco, responsible for high-performance models at Alfa Romeo, having worked on icons such as the 8C, 4C and GTAm, shares this vision. According to him, today's electronic advances enable a car to be tuned to deliver the sensations gas pedal, braking and steering. It's this combination that should also allow the driver to rediscover the driving pleasure characteristic of Alfa Romeo cars.

Domenico Bagnasco - Alfa Romeo high performance manager - Italpassion

He adds that we're only at the beginning of the electric car era and that technological developments are progressing rapidly, with many innovations still to come. The next few years look promising for Alfa Romeo, with models that will offer a unique driving experience, unique to the brand.

Alfa Romeo is at a crucial crossroads in its history. The brand must not only adapt to new standards, but also reinvent what lies at the heart of its DNA: driving pleasure. And if Alfa Romeo's top management is to be believed, the future of electric driving promises to live up to expectations.



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  1. It remains to be seen whether Alfa will really behave like a premium brand with specific and exclusive technical solutions, or whether, like Lancia, it will content itself with marketing and recycling solutions already shared by Stellantis...

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